An attitude. A quiet confidence. A knowledge that victory is not an engraved name on a trophy but pushing yourself to your limit and beyond.

It is a bond celebrated by those who know what it takes… and always strive to improve. – Crew Union

SAN DIEGO, CA – Crew Union, a leader in sailing accessories, is excited to announce the launch of its innovative Cleat Slider, available on Amazon Prime. Cleat Sliders complement existing Harken and Ronstan cam cleats. They make it easy to cleat and adjust lines and protect sailors from nagging injuries. They also glide the line… Continue Reading SAILING ACCESSORY COMPANY CREW UNION LAUNCHES CLEAT SLIDER PRODUCTS ON AMAZON

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Anchor down. Crew up.

Crew Union® is a lifestyle apparel and boat hardware/accessories brand created by


Mark Strube

Currently, Strube lives in San Diego and is the captain of the privately owned Abracadabra USA 50. In addition, he holds a 200-ton master captain’s license.

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